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Personal Wearable Digital Identity

Digital DNA is an innovative wearable device storing the wearer’s digital identity that can be used for everything that requires a digital identity. By Digital DNA the wearer can:

Protect his Privacy by Encrypt his sensible data on the external devices, such as: photo, messages, documents, etc.

Authenticate itself and login to / open any controlled access device such as: a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, as well as physically locked items including doors, car doors.

Approve any electronic and/or online transaction by applying the Digital Signature that ensure Integrityand Not Repudiation.

New Concept

Wearable, tamper-proof and certified Bluetooth device

Digital identities are typically stored in smart cards or USB cryptographic tokens that can be used where a smart card reader or a USB port is available (i.e. they cannot be plugged to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc.)
The innovation in our idea is setting digital identities, in form of cryptographic keys and digital certificates, in a wearable, tamper-proof and certified Bluetooth device that can be worn and can be connected to any external Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, a tablet, a computer etc. and used in any electronic transaction that requires a digital identity

What is it

Attractive and sleek box connected to outer devices by a Bluetooth connection

When Digital DNA is within range of a user’s device, the box will automatically connect the that device by Bluetooth and it will be ready to supply the Digital Identity and the related functions to the connected device when needed.
Digital DNA has an easily replaceable battery that lasts a full year.


Digital Signature | Strong Authentication | Encryption

Digital DNA, hosts inside a smart chip that stores cryptographic keys and performs strong (military grade) cryptographic algorithms. Such keys and algorithms are used to implement typical digital identities functions, such as Digital Signature, Strong Authentication and Encryption, which will be used in PKI-like environments.

The smart chip is tamper-proof so that the keys and the digital identities stored on board cannot be cloned, forged and repudiated and it will be connected to the outer world by a Bluetooth (low energy) connection.

Digital DNA, hosts also a Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy)controller with an antenna that allows to connect to other Bluetooth device in a range of approx. 1 mt

Digital DNA is FIDO U2F compliant.

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